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भाकृअनुप - मूँगफली अनुसंधान निदेशालय ICAR - Directorate of Groundnut Research





Aris Cell

The ARIS (Agricultural Research Information System) cell was established at this Directorate in the year 1991 with the aim:

  • To put information close to the managers and scientists,
  • To build the capacity to organize, store, retrieve and use the relevant information into the Agricultural Research infrastructure,
  • To share information over NARS,
  • To improve the capacity to plan, execute, monitor and evaluate research programmes through providing computing facilities to scientists and research staff of the Directorate.


Over the years, services of the ARIS cell at DGR have been expanded with procurement of a new information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure to match with rapid advancement in ICT and provide quality internet and mail services to the staff and maintenance of their computers and peripherals.        The ARIS Cell at DGR is maintaining more than 70 PCs connected through LAN backed by appropriate application software. This Cell has also developed a new dynamic page website for the DGR which is regularly updated. The Cell is equipped with 10 mbps lease line from BSNL on OFC. This Cell runs and maintains Linux based Web, Mail, Proxy and File servers. All the computers are connected with LAN in the entire office-cum-lab building to support the internet and intranet requirement of this directorate. It also facilitates central services like additional computers for RAs, SRFs, guests and students using WiFi connectivity.

Services Offered

  • Maintenance of Internet  and DGR Mail services
  • Maintenance of computers and peripherals
  • Maintenance of application software viz. OS, MS Office 2010, Statistical analysis softwares etc.
  • Document processing and format conversion services
  • MIS reports
  • IT Support to administration
  • WiFi facility at Information and Documentation Cell
  • Internet surfing, exploring, downloading
  • Literature search through CDs like CAB, AGRIS etc.
  • Registered IP base  access of CeRA consortium for journals

News & Events

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Annual Group meeting
Krishi Unnati Mela
International day of Yoga
Farmers’ training